Breaking Bad Habits – Training Guide


You know that some habits are bad for you immediately don’t you? Smoking cigarettes and drinking a lot of alcohol are two that instantly come to mind. Then there are bad eating habits such as regularly eating junk food. But not all of our bad habits are immediately obvious to us.

Some bad habits can be holding you back without you even realizing it. If you set goals for yourself (which you certainly should) to improve your life it is possible that some of your bad habits are preventing you from achieving your goals

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As we continue our journey through life we make decisions all of the time. Most of these will be small decisions that we make without any thought but some of the decisions that we make can dramatically change the course of our life. Sometimes these decisions have a positive impact on our lives and sometimes a negative one.

These small decisions that we make on a regular basis can quickly form habits. We are creatures of routine and before you know it a new habit can form that takes us down the wrong road. Over the years you will have formed many habits both good and bad.


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